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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Maserati Aura

I've always been a disciple of Italian cars and Maserati in particular. The history and philosophy of Italian car manufacturing and technology took a decidedly different turn other legendary automobile countries like Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, United States and France. Though Britain and Italy share a common interest given their tradition of building independent sleek, speedy sports cars.

Maserati has come back into the North American market. This is nothing new for Italian manufacturers who tend to be marked by inconsistent interest when dealing abroad. I remember when Alfa Romeo did the same with the 164L models (we purchased one in 1994) in the 1990s and just as quickly disappeared into the Northern Italian sun.

Italian cars are not German cars. They have different interpretations of what constitutes a car. The prevailing belief is that the Germans own all the advancements in car engineering. As a whole, the Germans produce wonderful masterpieces like BMW (my father purchased the 733i in 1984. A car that marked BMW's permanent return into North America) and Mercedes. Even Audi has come through with some great cars recently. However, Italy too has something to say from Brembo breaking systems to unmatched design through companies like Zagato and Pininfarina.

In the luxury car market Japan and Germany (even Sweden with Volvo and Saab) rightfully have the market cornered. However, if you're a person looking for something different then you may want to consider Maserati. Be forewarned, once you experience an Italian car you may never turn you're back on it.

Maybe not as reliable for harsh winters but its aura is intoxicating. Perhaps temperamental but its beauty indisputable. Yes, it can be stubborn but admittedly smooth in its delivery. There's something about riding in an Italian car and if you're one that is tired of everyone owning a Lexus, Bimmer or 'Cedes well stand out and drive a Renaissance classic like the Maserati!

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