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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Italy Rising In Internet Of Things Network

Italy has made impressive strides in 'Internet of Things' networks but there remains room to grow.

More often than not, Italy has been a laggard for too long among its Big Three competitors in technology as well as other European nations. Hopefully, the country will somehow find its footing and do honor to a nation so often at the forefront of human advancement. Whenever there's a top list compiled, an Italian city or the country itself needs to be placed among the leaders. Not hovering or lumbering around wallowing in the lower levels.

Internet Technology is one area Italy can rejuvenate its economy and propel it out of this lethargic malaise it is experiencing.

Trento in Northern Italy is internationally recognized for its efforts on Smart Cities initiatives.

From ZDNet:

"Italy has been pioneering the use of smart electricity meters since 2001 (first country in the world).
Soon, smart metering is likely to be extended to water and gas monitoring. An early trial, promoted by the Italian Energy Authority, is currently taking place in nine cities - Turin, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Modena, Genoa, Verona, Bari, Salerno and Catania."

IoT doesn't come without significant concerns first among them security and vulnerability to hacking. 

Nonetheless, it's a good start. If soccer clubs in Serie A starting to construct state of the art stadiums is any indication, maybe Italy may be finally ready to reinvigorate itself.