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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Spotlight On Textile Companies

Just some random companies in Italy I came across.

Cognetex is another company focused in machinery (spinning wheels, twisting machines) all too common in Italy. Video on Vimeo.

Fadis is another focused on bobbins (spindles).

The Arioli group focuses on fabric printing.


'Innovation is not an option'? They need to invest in an editor! Not sure if companies realize grammar matters.

FK Group:



Mesdan focuses on joining devices.

Where Italy excels on the machine side of yarn manufacturing, its production, while important for its quality, is not as large as China, India and the United States but it is growing. It's an industry where several countries enjoy success.


As an aside, my father was a tailor. He carried English and Italian fabrics because a) of the quality and b) it's what customers demanded.