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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Genoa: The Forgotten Merchant Power

There was Rome and its Republic and eventual Empire. Then there was Venice and its Maritime empire. But lost in all this was the Ligurian city of Genoa (or The Most Serene Republic of Genoa) which was a merchant power in its own right in the Middle-Ages into the Renaissance.

Like Venice, Genoa was an independent city-state made wealthy due to their participation in the Crusades and Venice's main commercial rival culminating into several major wars between the two.

The image isn't clear but see it here.

Italic Face Of Industrial Hydraulic Pumps

Courtesy of Marzocchi who specialize in producing pumps for motorcycles and bicycles.

Link to Marzocchi (currently owned by American company Tenneco) Canada.

It Stops With Brembo

Brembo is an automotive parts manufacturer specializing in brake systems based in Bergamo.

It is the supplier for all MotoGP teams as well as Ferrari in Formula One.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW (to whom they have produced ceramic brakes for) are some of the world's great automobile companies that use Brembo brakes.

See site here.

Time To Shop For A Motorcyle Soon; Italian Bike Firms

It's been a long, long time waiting for me (16 years) but I've finally found the time to go and get my motorcycle license. Now begins my long journey into the world of motorcycle shopping. My "style" certainly leans Italian but it may be a little difficult finding and paying for one. The United States produces some interesting brands I'm pulled to. Japanese bikes are wicked (especially when it comes to price to value) but if I'm going to buy bike may as well be marks I've always liked growing up and those were usually Italian-British-American.

That being said, a couple of interesting articles from

Piaggio opened a design center in Pasadena, California in 2012.

"Piaggio announced it is opening a new design center in Pasadena, Calif., to be headed by Aprilia RSV4 designer Miguel Galluzzi.

Roberto Colaninno, chairman and chief executive officer of  the Piaggio Group, announced plans for the new Advanced Design Center at a dealer convention for the Piaggio Group Americas in Miami, Fla. At the moment, North American customers usually have to wait a little longer before they receive new Piaggio models, with most models arriving on these shores months after they are available in Europe. Hopefully, the new design center will help new models arrive sooner.
The new design center will work closely with Piaggio’s main style center as well as research and development centers in Italy, China, India and Vietnam. This network forms part of what Piaggio calls an “intelligence globalization” policy."

Meanwhile, Moto Guzzi (a highly influential motorcycle manufacturer) celebrated 90 years in 2011. It's entering its 93rd year. (Pic above).

- Along my internet browsing I came across Fantic Motors. Check them out here.

Ghezzi and Brian is a fairly new engineering firm established in 1995 with its own line of unique bikes.