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Monday, October 26, 2009

Colnago Bikes Still Cutting Edge

Colnago Ferrari Partnership

Ernesto Colnago founded a bike manufacturing company in 1954 that, in time, conquered the world. If one bike can claim to be one of the greatest ever, it's Colnago. His bikes have been utilized by over 100 professional teams and 2500 riders who in total have won more than 7500 races! One of those riders was Eddie Merckx of Belgium, arguably the greatest cyclist in history.

Colnago was the first to build cold-forged forks as well as straight forks in the 1980s. Other innovations included introducing the lightest steel frame bike (5.6kg) in 1972 and the Columbus tube frame in 1982. However, important as these were (and there are many more) in the development and evolution of bicycle technology, it was his breakthrough with a carbon fiber (as well as titanium and aluminum) frame in 1986 in conjunction with Ferrari.

And it's doesn't stop there. Over 50 years since opening, Colnago continues to be at the forefront of bicycle technology.

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