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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Historical Question About Italy

For the history literate, Italy is a land that has been settled and invaded by numerous tribes and countries over the centuries. It's a land that's known the Etruscans, Greeks, Romans, Germanic tribes (various branches of the Goths, Lombards etc.) Normans, Arabs, Celts (aka Gauls), French, Spanish, Austrian-Hungarians and so on. In many ways, Italy was an international hub where many of the world's great cultures came to conquer (mostly for strategic reasons but prestigious ones as well. It looked to have Italy in your trophy case) and learn from her.

Given that Italian culture generally prevailed over its invaders, nevertheless there was bound to be some going the other way.

This where I ask, which society or culture has had the greatest impact and influence on Italy? Did any of leaving a mark on why Italy has a long and substantial legacy in industrial design, engineering and innovative manufacturing that eventually found its way into movements like avant-garde in the 20th century? Assuming there's a link. I think there is one.


  1. I cannot post a long comment to your interesting question.

    I think that the Greek sense of beauty had a great impact on Roman and Italian culture, not many doubts about it. Italian taste and beautiful design mostly come from that primeval source.

  2. Man of Roma introduced me to your site. I've listed you on my Italian Sites page :)

  3. MOR is much too kind. Thank you. I shall do the same.

  4. I love the Italian Culture!
    Thanks Chuck