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Monday, October 26, 2009

Architectural Magnificence

As usual, I've neglected my responsibilities to e-Talian. It's days like these I look to some friends to help me out and sure enough Wind Rose Hotel has come through.

If you've studied history in some capacity, you've probably come across the name of Andrea Palladio. The Venetian born Palladio is quite possibly the most influential architect in Western history.

"...This powerful integration of beauty and the physical representati
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on of social meanings is apparent in three major building types: the urban palazzo, the agricultural villa, and the church.

"Palladio learned the principles of Vitruvius, the classical Roman architect whose treatise had been rediscovered in the prior century, and of the Renaissance commentator, Leon Battista Alberti. Through personal contact, he became acquainted with the ideas and works of pioneering architects of his own period, including Giulio Romano, Giovanni Maria Falconetto, Sebastiano Serlio and Michele Sanmicheli."

"...Palladio was an accomplished user of the new technology of movable type, then only about one hundred years old. His first book was a guide to the classical ruins of Rome, prompted presumably by his own frustrations in attempting to locate various monuments during his visits to that city."

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  1. That building and grounds are something special for sure! Much have been learned from Andrea Palladio!! Nice to hear from you, Thanks