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Monday, October 26, 2009


Welcome to e-Talian.

Part of the objective on this blog is to explore an aspect often overlooked and misunderstood: Italy's manufacturing and industrial legacy. Along the way, it is hoped to shed some light on how the Italian mind functions within a society riddled with contradictions and brilliant creativity.

Italy is more than just about natural beauty, art, fashion and food. It has an industrial face worth exploring.

This is a huge task. Some may even believe this to be a cultural project. I just see it as a journey into one of the most interesting countries in the world.

Know a thing or two about Italy and want to express it? Send it over whether they are links, articles or blog posts discussing art, film, politics, music, sports, history and whatever else that has been unique to the Italian cultural and industrial legacy.

Moving forward, I hope to create a directory of Italian companies and/or companies selling Italian goods and services.

Kick back and pop in some Dean Martin and enjoy. A presto.

e-Talian is maintained and operated by Alessandro Nicolo with the help of Sarah di Staulo and is based in Montreal, Canada.

Logo/image by John Custy


  1. It seems a nice project. You surely have a reader. Ciao

  2. I second ManofRoma!

    Very interesting project. Thanks for the link!

    I'll be linking back to you too.

    Are you Italian or of Italian origins?



  3. Thanks Alex.

    To answer your question: Yes, I am. Campobasso on my mother's side (she was born here in Montreal as was my grandmother). My father is from Reggio, Calabria.

    I'm actually Alessandro.

  4. Hello Alessandro, Your site is wonderful, you bring out some aspects of Italy that most people don't even think about! I am a great fan and feel a part of me belongs in Italy. I belive your blog is a new view! May I add you to my foodie friend list? Thanks Agian, Chuck

  5. Hey Chef Chuck, of course! Thanks for the compliment.