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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Italian And North African Architectural Talents Merge And Converge

My first post of 2019. I know, I really need to be more involved and energetic. But procrastination is a problem. It's not like I get paid for any of this. Heck, Google even kicked me off some payment thing they had. Plus all these regulatory notices I keep getting are annoying. The EU are a regulatory entity wrapped up in another layer of regulations then smothered by more excessive regulations.

I love Europe but they're red tape pain in the asses.

Whatever. I don't do this for the money. I do it for the love.

Happy new year!

It makes sense Italy is using and lending its resources in North Africa:

"An Italian designing giant and a group of Moroccan business owners are cooperating to bring Morocco’s designing and architecture industry to a higher standing in excellence in the global market.
The project, called Bretone Design Africa (BDA), is the fruit of the collaboration between world-renowned Italian industrial design brand Bretone Italia, Rabat-based city planning giant Marita Group Holding, and Moroccan businessman Moulay Youssef El Alaoui."
Hopefully, I'll be more attentive and active moving forward.