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Monday, October 26, 2009

Carrozzeria Touring Alive And Well

1938 8C 2900 Mille Miglia

For 40 years starting in 1926, Carrozzeria Touring was a coach-builder noted for its superleggera (super lightweight) construction applications. The company was founded by Felice Bianchi Anderloni and Gaetano Ponzoni. Following Anderloni's death in 1948, his son Cici (Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni) took over along with Ponzoni.

The innovative and flexible system devised by Touring consisted of a structure engaging small diameter tubes formed around a body's shape. Thin alloy panels were attached to cover and strengthen the framework. The most notable examples being found in Alfa-Romeo 8C 2900, Maserati 3500GT and BMW 328. In addition, Lancia Flaminia, Aston Martin DB4 and Ferrari 166 coupe.

Touring did not survive its expansion plans as car manufacturers moved to bring coach-building in-house and major players such as Pininfarina (which is struggling to maintain profitability) proved competitively too much for Touring. The adherence to tradition and to ultimate quality also contributed to its struggles. The defunct, but not dead, Touring gave way to Carrozzeria Marazzi in 1967 which worked on Lamborghini bodies. In 2006, Touring/Marazzi entered an agreement with Dutch based Zeta Europe BV transferring all rights to it.

The deal keeps alive 80 years of stylistic and elegant coach-building design created by Touring. Its most recent project includes the Maserati Quattroporte.

The classic motor show (Concorso d' Eleganza) in Valle d' Este carries a trophy honoring the founders of Touring.


  1. The house of Touring has a worthy successor
    in the Dutch designers who presented this A8GCS — the shapliest rebody yet on the stylistically ordinary Maser Convertible.
    To my delight is the compactness of that
    chassis which renders the new car in scale
    with the best of the fifties / sixties exotics
    by their predecessor house, & Scaglietti, Pininfarina, Zagato & Frua.
    Now, since they own Borrani and showed
    this car on the sixty spoke 19 or 20 inch
    wires, is this a sign we can be rid of the overworked chrome alloy orgy of bad
    taste in wheels??

  2. Hm. Someone with greater understanding of design would have to answer this.

    I take it you don’t like the previous Italian wheel designs?