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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pizza Is Not Grub Food

Enjoying my stay here in Delaware (were in Washington D.C. for a couple of days as well) and had some time to post this. Americans consume more pizza on a per capita basis than any other country in the world.

However, it doesn't mean they're eating the best pizza. I find in North America pizza gets too gooey and drowned in way too much cheese. Not to say anything about how we've become ridiculous on how we garnish it. Seriously, pineapple? Smoked meat? The (weak) reasoning being they're are "no rules" to taste when it comes to pizza.

Pish posh! Of course, there is. Just like "exotic" coffees destroy the essence of the espresso drinking experience, dressing a pizza with ingredients not naturally aligned with it forces people to miss the point of what good food is. Nothing drives me more insane than when people tell me "I'm too rigid" about food.

Hey, spaghetti alla carbonara should not come with cream and don't try and tell me otherwise, capiche? You can't go around changing things up will-nilly. Sure, adjust for local tastes but that comes with its own perils. That is, once you ponder you forfeit your right to call yourself an "authentic Italian" chef or restaurant.

I know in Italy there are all sorts of rules and laws governing certain foods pizza included.

Anyway, we've been eating pizza and I must admit, while in some cases the pizza is fine, some of it is totally, well, gross. Which brings me to a link I found:

Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana

They're fighting the good fight. And yes, if you've ever had pizza in Naples you'll understand why they exist.

Now we need one for espresso. Someone should explain to some that an espresso served with a weak golden cream (crema) is just plain wrong. In fact, if they serve it to you with a straight face you know they don't take the art of espresso seriously.

Run out. And keep running!

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  1. I agree the distortion comes from mostly the American fast food pizza chains, some people in America have a hard time understanding Italian cooking !