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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Science And Innovation Of Fashion; The Search For Great Italian Designers

The world of Italian business is not without its problems. There are, for example, some concerns regarding the future of homegrown Italian designers as this New York Times article explains. Another interesting piece on the state and future of Italian fashion is from CSC.

Indeed, when you achieve greatness there's always a danger in slipping.

But what about the science and technology side of the fashion coin?

There's a scientific and technological approach to fashion?

Consider the art of finding and designing the ultimate "comfort" in clothes. This excerpt was partially edited for enhanced grammar : "Its physiological properties, by electronic instruments: theme insulation, resistance to perspiration, its use in fabrics under normal conditions, but also in motion under unforeseen increases of heat and humidity, or under sudden variations in outside temperatures, in order to guarantee an ideal micro-climate by using the layers of air between skin and fabric, the cut of the clothing, the circulation of outside air. This means that it is becoming a must to develop an authentic "clothing science" to study, for instance, how to achieve with the materials and the way of assembling them the best-suited thermal insulation (knowledge of the behavior of birds and other animals, for instance, can contribute to this end."

This is an Interesting comment asserted by Omar Calabrese made in Special Features of the Italian Industrial Manufacturing Model.

In addition to embracing technology, the ability of the Italian fashion industry to expand abroad and innovate better than anyone and eventually meant it surpassed its Latin cousins from the great French fashion model.

The legendary Italian fashion houses from Zegna to Gucci to the Missoni's have left a majestral imprint on the evolution of fashion. I would not be surprised to see it bounce back from its cyclical low.

Here's a great read from Brandthroposophy.

*Photo from NYT article by Cathy Horyn: Here's the caption it came with:

A friend found this picture in an archive and I love all that it conveys about Italian fashion. I’m not sure of the identities of the two women on the left (perhaps someone on the blog can help), but, from left to right, that’s Giorgio Armani, Valentino, a former Italian president, Mariuccia Mandelli, Gianfranco Ferre and Gianni Versace. Hovering in the background, behind Valentino, is Giancarlo Giammetti. Swell picture, isn’t it?

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