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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Capello Index Good Source For Analyzing Soccer Players

Ooo, look - a duplicate post with my other blog.

No matter.

The Capello Index - named after soccer manager Fabio Capello - was developed by Italian software company Wyscout.

Capello, of course, is widely regarded as one of the all-time great managers having managed AC Milan, Real Madrid and England's national side.

It is no surprise such an index would be created by an analytical mind like Capello.

Sticking to the topic of soccer, two national sides headed to Brazil in 2014 will have Italian coaches conducting their aspirations of winning the World Cup - Capello with Russia and Alberto Zaccheoroni (Japan). A third coach, Giovanni Trappatoni (incidentally, also a legendary winning manager) was not able to get his Republic of Ireland side to qualify.

The duo will join Azzurri manager Cesare Prandelli next year to make it a trio of Italian mangers.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Upsolar World Leader In Smart Solar Modules

Caught this tidbit of news in Businesswire:

"Upsolar is a leading international provider of solar PV modules, today announced the launch of its turnkey system financing solution to assist commercial customers in quickly funding solar PV systems. This news comes on the heels of Upsolar’s successful residential program, which began in 2012."

Unmanned Aerial Systems Launched

...By Piaggio Aero in partnership with Selex ES (mentioned in a previous post).

From UPI:

"The success of the first flight test of the P.1HH DEMO brings us closer to providing the first European-developed, state-of-the art MALE UAS, capable of performing at the highest technological level aerial, land, coastal, maritime, offshore, COMINT/ELINT and electronic warfare missions " said Alberto Galassi, chief executive officer of Piaggio Aero.

"The first flight achievement demonstrates the huge progress made by Piaggio Aero, together with Selex ES and the support of the Italian Air Force, in the development of this new generation of Unmanned Aerial Systems."

Italy Upgrades Friend Or Foe Systems

Selex ES is an electronics and IT company based in Rome and Basildon (UK) part of the Finmeccanica family - which also includes BAE systems.

It was recently given the contract by the NATO Support Agency to upgrade Italy's friend-or-foe military systems.

What is 'friend or foe?"


"Identification Friend or Foe [IFF] procedures are the primary positive means of aircraft identification in Air Defense operations. Proper use of IFF procedures facilitates rapid engagement of enemy aircraft, conserves Air Defense assets, and reduces risk to friendly aircraft. Any time a plane flies, pilots put a code into their IFF system which others can identify as a friendly aircraft."

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