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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Giovanni Michelotti And The Triumph Spitfire

Among the greatest and most prolific car designers in history, Michelotti is the mind behind the legendary Triumph Spitfire which he considered his favourite creation.

And with good reason. The British classic is among the most beloved cars in the canon of world cars.

Michelotti left a massive mark adding to the immeasurable and influential depth of contributions by Italian designers on the auto industry.

Canadian Urban Museum Of Italian Cars

Let's keep this car theme going.

Nice collection of Italian cars held by an Italo-Canadian.

The Timeless Beauty Of Alfa Romeo

A pair of lovely Alfa Romeo cars.

It's a shame a company with such a stunning legacy can't get their sales up in North America.

Part 2 Of Lamborghini Engine Rebuild

She's a beaut I tell ya.

I always get a kick watching English mechanics and engineers work on Italian cars and openly speak about the thought process as they try and figure out the logic of it all.