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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Airbus Helicopter Deal For Avio

More technology news:

"Airbus Helicopters and Avio Aero have signed an agreement for the supply of the transmissions of future advanced helicopters: Avio Aero will manufacture and test gearboxes for further installation on Airbus new generation twin-engine helicopters, including X4. "

"...Italy is home to the main headquarters and important plants in Turin, Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples) and Brindisi. Worldwide it employees 4700 people (about 4000 in Italy) and has production plants in Poland, Brazil and China."

Italian Hydraulics Haul Canadian Hogs

How do you say oink, oink, moo, moo in Italian?

As is usually the case, English translation can be improved on company websites. Pezzaioli is based in the northern city of Brescia.


“...Years ago, when I was young—and my father started the business in 1951—the way we hauled livestock was barbaric. First off, we didn’t know better and we definitely didn’t have the technology. Now we certainly know better,” said Luckhart..."

"...Luckhart was contacted by the Italian trailer maker Pezzaioli, inquiring about the North American market, and after touring each other’s companies, Luckhart struck a deal to be Pezzaioli ‘s North American distributor. In return, Pezzaioli committed to supplying HarBra with between 100 and 120 trailers over the next two years.

“We know these things are very well built. I can say when they’re better, and they are better than mine. I can recognize that.”

"...Like the trailers he was modifying, the Italian ones have hydraulic decks, but they offer a number of features Luckhart didn’t offer including a double-skinned, Styrofoam-insulated roof that raises to offer ventilation, double-walled sides, fans, a heated water system with stainless steel tanks, water bowls for cattle, and stainless steel air tanks. And while these trailers are designed and built in Italy, they aren’t too European for the North American market."