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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Climbing The Nivolet With Legendary Bikes

Look ma! First post of May!

The Giro D'Italia is criminally under appreciated and reported in the largely Anglicized North American sports landscape. It's a shame because it's one of the most eclectic, unpredictable and iconic of all races in a country where cycling tradition and history is almost unrivalled. From the passion to the scenic beauty to the food....the Giro is a race that deserves to be televised and respected.

Small rant. I was listening to Bob McKenzie speak on NHL Network. He was talking about video replay and how the NHL could mimic the innovative VAR seen 'in English and European football' as he put it.

Like the network he works for - TSN - it was a typically Anglo-centric comment (and to be fair, a harmless one. I don't mean to make it bigger than it is. Take it as a light annoyance observational rant) since the network has the rights to English premier football. Which is fine but it's no excuse to almost give the impression they're unaware of other leagues.

I know Serie A is in a lull right now but I still think it's the toughest league in the world to play bar none. It still presents a different interoperation of soccer worth watching. It may not be as 'dazzling' (which really is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I like the cadence and tactical cerebral aspect of Italian soccer in general) as the glitzy English league (strong and iconic as it is), but it's still high quality soccer with top notch officiating.

Which rounds me up to my point. Serie A and Bundesliga were the first leagues to use VAR. Not England. Italian and German VAR officials were present at the last World Cup as the system is driven by their two interpretations of how to use it.

Serie A innovated with it because England did.