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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Non-Italian Appointed Head Of Uffizi

Finally I get back, albeit for a brief moment, I'm in the middle of training for the marathon next month (hopefully I avoid an injury) and it's zapping all of my mental and physical energy it looks like.

This article caught my eye if anything it reveals more of the recent trend of Germans being appointed to important positions within some of Italy's most cherished entities and organizations.

Its most recent is Eike Schmidt who has been hired to take over the Uffizi in Florence. Schmidt will become the first non-Italian to head the museum since its opening in 1769 and enters a critical period of cultural reforms in the country.

I know things are not all they can be in Italy economically but there's no excuse for the continued mishandling of their cultural heritage.

Schmidt's challenges will be interesting if not unique.