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Thursday, July 26, 2018

ISA Discovers Lake On Mars

The Italian Space Agency has presented evidence that a lake exist beneath a polar ice cap.

Scientists have long suspected of the existence of water on Mars and up until this discovery could only provide strong theories but with little or no proof.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

FIAT CEO Marchionne Passes

Sergio Marchionne, the beloved, respected and legendary CEO who saved FIAT, passed away. 

Born in Italy in 1952 and moved to Canada in 1966, his leadership in the industry was undeniable.

His passing reminded me Lee Iacocca - an American of Italian heritage - and the influence and impact Italians have left on the auto industry. It was Iacocca as CEO of Ford who introduced the world to the iconic Ford Mustang.

Other examples of how Italy inspired the American Hot Rod/Muscle Car revolution and culture is the Pontiac GTO. Acknowledged as the first muscle car, it got its name from the Ferrari 250 GTO and  stands for Gran Turismo Omalgato.

For more Italian influences on American car culture go to

FWIW,  Italy was what inspired Howard Schultz to create Starbucks after he visited the country and admired its coffee culture. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Italian Bikes At The 2018 Tour de France

Every year I feature and profile Italian bikes at the Tour and like any other year, Italy offers its cycling legacy with their presence.

The four principle bikes are Wilier, Pinarello, Bianchi and Colnago along with Campagnolo as one of the three major group set manufacture. The others being SRAM and Shimano.

The Wilier (Cento10-Pro) is used by French rider Sylvain Chavanel.

Pinarello, for its part, is the most successful bike at the race having won five titles of the last six races.

For more on the bikes and components from around the world competing, go here.

And here's the list of bikes for each team competing.

Robotics Growing In Italy

Italy ranked as the eighth most automated robotics nation in the world.

That marks an improvement from 2015.

South Korea leads all nations. Canada is not in the top 10 while the USA is 7th.