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Monday, September 16, 2013

Helicopter Simulator Makes Debut


"...The simulator was developed in Italy by Selex ES and allows learners to cover visual and instrumental flight procedures, besides emergency procedures and communications. The technical solution used includes a cabin with real instruments, an aerodynamic model, high fidelity aircraft systems and a system with a wide field of view..."

Shipwrecked Concordia Recovery Mission Success

They pulled it off.

"Using a vast system of steel cables and pulleys, maritime engineers on Monday gingerly winched the massive hull of the Costa Concordia off the reef where the cruise ship capsized near an Italian island in January 2012 and were poised to set it upright in the middle of the night.
After 15 hours of slower-than-expected progress in pulling the heavily listing luxury liner to an upright position, engineers said they finally hit the tipping point they eagerly were awaiting.
Shortly before midnight, the Concordia was raised by 25 degrees — after that, engineers said, the effect of gravity started giving the rotation a boost."

You can watch it here.