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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Latest Italian Cycling Fabric And Design Fashion

From Cyclingnews:

"Here is what you need to know about Giro Chrono: Luigi Bergamo, the man behind Assos R&D for years and years, worked closely with the Californian brand on the design and fabric sourcing for the road clothing. The Chrono Pro jersey and bibs shorts are not cheap, but they are closer to earth than Assos or the boutique offerings of Bergamo's own premium brand, Q36.5."

Italian Tech And Engineering Leaving Mark In Middle-East

"...A group of Italian architects are resurrecting parts of the war-ravaged ancient Syrian city of Palmyra by recreating the 2,000-year-old Triumphal Arch from the Temple of Bel – much of which was destroyed by the Islamic State (ISIL) over the past year.

The 3D robotic printers are being used to print the arch in Italy’s Carrara mountains so as to bring the historic ruins back to life. Later this month, it will go on display in London’s Trafalgar Square and New York’s Times Square before being taken to Palmyra."

More here.

Meanwhile in Iraq its engineers are fast at work:

"...A team of Italian specialists arrived Thursday at the site of the Mosul Dam as part of an emergency campaign to repair Iraq’s largest dam before it collapses.

The advance team from the Italian engineering firm Trevi Group will set up a camp for the group of engineers who are expected to arrive within a few weeks.

U.S. and Iraqi officials have repeatedly warned that the dam is in imminent danger of collapse."