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Monday, October 26, 2009

Robotics: Here Comes Dustbot

Astro is one messy mutt

Many thanks to Alex who maintains Blog From Italy (link on the side. I was too lazy to hyperlink it. I know, my laziness is getting worse) for this post.

It's a link from a BBC report about an Italian dustbot set to clean the streets of Italy's ancient narrow streets. I can just picture it giving the finger to those who defy it or even stopping for an espresso at a local bar.

Doesn't Mrs. Dustbot (I think that was a sexist remark) look a lot like 'Rosie' from The Jetsons?

In any event, it's worth a try. Nature (and man-made urban settings) is the mother of invention. If you can't get garbage trucks through those streets, why not try a robot? The question is, how many of these will be needed to service a town? How much will it cost? I'll be curious to see how feasible this project will be.

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