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Monday, February 28, 2011

Italian Perspective On Perfection

The video from J.Crew in the link is something only a few people will ever get to witness first hand. This blog tries to stress the fact that Italy's methods of production is rooted in art and passion. In the video, you find out people have been making shoes handmade for 30 years in the same place. There's a sense of loyalty to their craft that sets Italy apart from many countries.

Personally, I've visited such places including pasta makers. People have no idea what goes into even making something as simple as ice-cream in Italy. Whether it's shoes, cars, bikes or food, they all posses the same characteristics. Things like attention to detail, no compromise on quality, patience, passion. In many ways, they respect the consumer's tastes and opinions.

Years ago my friend set out to buy a machine to cut metal tubings for his company. He found a machine that interested in Venice and flew out to see it. What impressed him most, among many things, is how clean the shop was. We don't see places in heavy industry as clean as your home he said to me.

I have many stories like this I've collected over the years through simple, casual conversations with people from all over. They all want to perfect their craft somewhere in the expressive peninsula the world calls Italy.

Hence, why "Made in Italy" holds a special branding power.