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Monday, January 20, 2014

Fashion: Italian Made Goods Remain Popular

Fashion/textile industry proposals to Italian policy makers. Read here:

Intesa Sanpaolo and Sistema Moda Italia: together to help textile and fashion manufacturers grow in international markets
In 2012 exports of textiles & clothing stabilised at 2011 levels
Exports: excellent results, particularly in Russia (+10.9%), Japan (+16.8%), the US (+17.3%) and China (+18.7%)
Internationalisation, growth and innovation: strategic leverages to economic recovery.
"...Since domestic demand is expected to remain weak throughout 2013, companies in the fashion industry will need to place even greater emphasis on exports, prioritise the qualityy of their products and seek out new sources of growth in foreign markets, where demand is picking up and Italian-made goods are particularly popular."
 For Italian companies, exporting and 'globalizing' is key to their success:

“Italy is making an increasing name for itself as a manufacturer of luxury goods for
consumers a result, it is becoming ever more urgent to safeguard the entire supply chain. Companies upstream are being worst affected: textile exports fell by 3.6% in 2012 and our main textile manufacturing areas are at risk, with export figures well below the pre-crisis levels. However, there are also some fineexamples of textile manufacturers who have improved their results by prioritising qualityand globalisation."

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