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Friday, January 24, 2014

Alenia Aeronautical's Aviation Design

Alenia (Aermacchi) Aeronautica manufacturers the C-27J Spartan transport aircraft principally used by the Italian, Greek and soon Australian (2015) air forces as well as the USAF for its Joint Cargo aircraft. Its production is nor estricted to airplanes and includes drones and missiles both as Alenia and in collaboration with other manufacturers.

Website here.

Among its successes it includes the unmanned combat air vehicle (fancy way of saying drone) Sky-X and Alenia ITV:

"...The Alenia ITV is a technology demonstrator aircraft developed in Italy in the early 21st century. In the spring of 2003, Alenia Aeronautica of Italy unveiled a non-flying ground-test prototype of a half-scale UCAV demonstrator, known as an "Integration Technology Vehicle (ITV)", with a flight prototype to follow."

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