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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Saving A Masterpiece: The Restoration Of The Last Supper

Pinin Brambilla Barcilon isn't a household name in the realm of history perhaps should be.

She's the mind and master behind the preservation and restoration of Leonardo's The Last Supper.

The painting barely made it out of WWII in precarious condition. Enough so that experts didn't think it could survive that much longer without disintegrating. 

More about her here:

"The true gift of Pinin Brambilla is not only to have brought back to a readable condition what was left of the original Leonardo painting, but also to have made available for electronic modern graphic software the data-base for the ultimate, supreme and unequalled form of restoration: the actual remaking of the Last Supper as Leonardo saw it that last night. Goethe’s dream, in his passionate report to his Lord the Grand Duke Charles Augustus of Saxony, and the dream of Giuseppe Bossi - to save the Last Supper from the almost complete devastation that he foresaw. That will be possible with the sophisticated printing technologies now available and with the legacy of knowledge and documentation discovered in twenty-two years of constant and patient endeavour by Pinin Brambilla Barcilon.

Never have so many owed so much - to one person!"

However, it's not without its critics as this report on 60 Minutes from 1996 reveals.

The restoration is an on-going process. 


Nice post about restoration in art at artwatchuk.

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