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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Fully Integrated Thought Process

Years ago I sat an art-deco table sharing an espresso with a French-Canadian cafe owner, an Italophile as it were, talking about the ways of the Italian mind. I asked him what made them so special? He stood up and walked to the cappuccino/espresso machine. "Les Italiens n'arret pas a le cafe."

They're not content to make an Italian roast. They need to make the machine to perfect that art. It's a full integrated artistic and inventive thought process.

That's why Italy manufactures so many accessories to many things.

Consider bikes. They make the frames, tubing and parts needed to piece together and maintain a great bike. Then, they set their sites on gear such as helmets, gloves, tops, windbreakers, shorts and of course shoes.

Check out Dromarti shoes as an example.

Pic from this site.

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