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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exploring the Concept of the "Italian Style"

For those of you who wonder about Italian manufacturing creativity and would like to read more about it you may want to consider "Italian Style: Forms of Creativity" edited by Omar Calabrese. The book is made up 11 chapters written by 11 different writers (including Calabrese) exploring The Specific features of the Italian industrial manufacturing model, Behind the Myth of the Vespa, Furniture Design and its Philosophies, The Italian Utility Car, Man and Machines, Import-Export Graphics, From the Ritual of the Espresso-Maker to the Myth of the Mobile Phone, The Italian Garden, Fashion Designers, Myths and Figures of the Italian Architect, The Best-Sellers Business, Italian Style.

The book is 231 pages and within its content explores the social conditions that helped form and shape the Italian industrial and artistic mind in the 20th century.

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