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Monday, January 20, 2014

More Green News

While Italy has cracked into the top 10 in terms of green investment behind USA, UK, Germany, Spain and Canada, there are challenges.

From Eurofound:

"Two distinctive features of Italy’s “green agenda” emerge from this CAR. Firstly, as stressed by the social partners concerned, Italian legislation on renewable energy is incomplete. The 2008 Budget Law mentions various measures, but they have not yet been implemented. Also lacking is a systematic concern with economic and, especially, employment potential. Scant references are made to incentives for training or to enterprise start-ups in this sector. The second feature is the influence of the territorial variable on the quantity and the quality of the ‘green’ initiatives undertaken. In fact, some regions are much more active than others."

Still, there are positives from Panorama:

"It is interesting to notice that Green Italy report has counted nearly 40 per cent of Italian companies belonging to the “green” category, and that this sector has planned to employ 216,500 people in 2013, which means a bit more than a third of new jobs that will be offered in Italy this year (563,400), usually with long-terms contracts rather than seasonal ones. 

Less surprising is the fact that these companies have been responsible of more than 60 per cent of research and development hires in Italy, and nearly half of their workers is under 30.
The report states that this trend will surely strengthen in the near future, and it stresses that this evolution will have a strong impact on Italian exports. To confirm this forecast, the report highlights that in 2012, 42 per cent of Italian green companies found it easy to sell their products abroad.
Finally, green companies have also been praised for their innovative touch. GreenItaly report highlighted that 30.4% green groups recently approached the market with entirely new products or services, compared to 16.8% of non-green companies. 

A few years ago, green economy was approached as an answer to the crisis itself. Since then, it has not disappointed any expectation."

According to Innovasjon, the Italian green economy is booming and see opportunities for Norwegian companies to invest in Italy:

"Italy still represents one of best market for the companies operating in the green economy sector. This is what is reported in the survey "Green Economy on capital markets 2012" carried out by Vedogreen and published on the occasion of the presentation of the "Good Energy Award 2013". The study stresses how Italy despite a slowdown during the first quarter of 2012, still offers the best market opportunities, with increasing incomes of seven percent."


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