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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Italy Enters Oil And Gas Game

And is already a big player. 

Puts into perspective just how leaderless and foolish Canada is. Unacceptable what the Liberals and their coalition are doing.

"...In 2018, the PSV obtained a score of 16.5 out of 20 in the European Federation of Energy Traders (Efet) annual review, which rates hub maturity based on criteria such as transparency, market access, price reliability and concentration. That places PSV on the same level as the Austrian VTP, and just behind Germany's NCG/Gaspool and the French PEG. In 2014, PSV had only been rated 10.5 by EFET.
The arrival of new players in Italy, from large oil and gas companies to smaller trading houses, has been an important driver of growth, according to Heather. The number of market participants registered to trade on the PSV reached 195 in 2017, of which 160 were actively trading, nearly three times the number seen a decade earlier, Italian energy authority ARERA reported."

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