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Friday, November 25, 2016

Lancia's Overlooked High Pedigree

While Ferrari and Porsche rightfully hog all the attention, we tend to forget other legendary auto racing cars that have proven to be consistent campions on the track in various races across the globe.

One car manufacturer with an outstanding pedigree but overlooked nevertheless is Lancia.

Particularly, where racing is concerned the Lancia Delta (Group A) and Stratos (designed by Bertone's Marcello Gandini*).

The former having won 46 World Rally Championship races and six constructors titles and the latter 18 and 3. In total, Lancia earned 10 world titles.  The Stratos was named among the 'coolest' sports cars in history (joined by three Ferrari and Maserati models) by Top Gear.

Lancia has not won since 1992 and in recent years France (led by Peugeot and Citroen) as dominated the WRC.


*Galdini once made the short list for 'car designer of the century'. A list dominated by 11 Italians (won by Georgetto Giugiaro) and 10 Americans. Followed by 3 French designers and Germany and Sweden sharing 1 each. Incidentally, there was also a 'car engineer of the century' list compiled. That one was led by 8 who were German (with Ferdinand Porsche selected as the winner), 8 British, 3 Italian and 2 American and Austrian.

In total 14 Italians made the cut. More than any country. Not too shabby. 

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