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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Italian Kitchen Ideas

From Cucine Aster.

"The kitchen theme color should be in the shades of orange, cream and gold which are primarily soothing to the eyes and provide an extremely comfortable environment..."

"...Tuscan Style Kitchens- This style among the Italian styles is gradually gaining popularity with the various households. One of the major reasons behind it might be the fact that it uses all the earthy colors which are both, attractive and relaxing. The stones used are completely natural. They are the likes of granite, slate, stone and terracotta.

Lighting- The lights are generally in the golden hues, using wrought iron shades. Modern metallic casings are avoided.

Earthy bowls and wooden paintings add to the natural feel of the ambience. The d├ęcor is also mainly consisting of thing like faux paintings, wall texturing etc. which gives the whole plastered look reminiscent of yester years. Subtle tones of muted colors or bright flairs are used. Frills are generally avoided."

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