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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Modern Kitchen Design

The Marchi Group offers high quality, hand-made, fitted kitchen concepts and design. I happen upon them perusing and browsing my way through the emerald forest otherwise known at the Internet.

Aside from the excellent kitchen concepts, this piece in their 'History' tab caught my eye:

"The history of our company goes back almost 40 years. A period which has seen a radical change in customs, taste and life-style not only in Italy, but throughout the whole world. 1977: the year we began the great adventure of setting up our company. This was the year of the first episode of "Star Wars", the world fell in love with a young star called John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever". It was the year I sat and listened to a mythical Pink Floyd at the Hallenstadion in Zurich. The Shuttle made its first test flight in space…from that moment on, the world began to evolve at a momentous pace."

The thing I've observed among contemporary Italian art and design is the reverence it holds for American (even British) culture and history - Americana if you will. 

The exotic pull of foreign ideas swings both ways of course. While there's no shortage of Italian companies opting for Americanized names, North American companies, for their part, sometimes like using Italian names.

The other thing is the poor English grammar. But we won't hold it against them. If I could convince companies I've featured here to clean up their English text, I'd have a nice side business going.


I have no idea what this blog is about but it seems interesting enough (enigmatic titles like 'The syndrome of Influence of Italian Design'  help in that vain) and the pictures are cool.

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