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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Robots Who Speak La Lingua

Gee, I hope these robots don't swear.

From Italtrade:

"With the development of new technologies, especially digital, it was inevitable that the Italian machine tool and production systems industry, which has been among the world leaders for decades, would begin to assume an increasingly important role on world markets in the robotics field as well.

And today, the Italian robotics sector ( is second in the world for value of production and number of devices produced. In some sectors, it is in first place, even ahead of Japan, the historic leader in this very special niche in the great world of instrumental goods. But there's more. Not only is Italy a great manufacturer of this type of machine, it is also a great market, to the extent that it occupies a relative second, and absolute fourth, place in the world ranking of countries that have invested in industrial automation equipment. If Japan currently has about 350,000 robots installed and Germany and the United States about 110,000, Italy has no less than 70,000. And if you calculate the number of robots for every 10,000 workers employed in manufacturing, Italy jumps to second place, with 100 machines for every 10,000 workers, after Germany, which has 130."

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